Zeitgeist Movement: Is it the truth?

A friend of mine told me to watch this particular movie and its sequel. Was able to searched it in youtube and watch it. The first movie about nearly two hours talks about how a particular group of people manipulated the entire world using religion, money system, politics, and international relations. The second one still talks about the same topic only that it showcased a particular project called the Venus Project.
If you will watched it it seems factual and compelling. If you don’t guard your senses well you will be easily drawn to join in their group. But the truth is some of the ideas and things they mentioned were true. yes religion has been one of the caused of division and hate in this world that is why Crusades were wage and up to now the fight between Muslims and Christians rages on. It shouldn’t be that way. Though we have different belief it doesn’t mean that the only way to end it is to wage war at one another. Also sad to say that some Catholics and Christians, Muslims, and other religion now a days are only  in name not in practice. If only people understand and appreciate what they believe in and use it to unite the differences rather than separate this world would have been a better place.
There is also some truth about the money system fraud that they mentioned. Yes our society is profit driven. But that alone is not bad, what is bad is when a few abuses it and turn greedy. The term legal tender means the state promises to pay for the face value. Thus inflation exist because over time the value of money goes down due to oversupply because of continuing business. Interest is the consequence of using other’s asset thus when you borrow money you are charged interest. The bad thing about it is that people in reality are the very reason why the value of money went down. As of present people barrow money either through loan, credit card, of mortgage to satisfy themselves now. They don’t know to delay gratification. Since they are indebt off course legally unpaid debt must be paid with additional interest. In order to fight this group of bankers from abusing their right to charge interest the weapon is to turn the tables around: charge them interest. Don’t barrow money, work for some and invest what you have. Accumulate and buy them out buy buying more of their stocks. Ask others to keep on buying so that when the minority interest are combined you form a block bigger than the original owners. Of course there will be a point were they will buy you out, dont sell your ownership. 

Politics and the business of war is actually a reality. There is no need to explained to you why so many countries go to war. It is a business just like the olden times of colonialism and imperialism.

As for the topic of one world government, I think it would be nice to have one government the problem lies on whom will be the government. If the central government will be presided by the very same few people then it would be what we see in movies now a days. As regards to the Venus project, if such will push through who will preside it. Yes it is true that the Earth’s is enough for all of us, the problem lies with the distribution of wealth. If such project is taken over by the few there would be no difference on what we have now.

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