Writing as a way of life

I have blogged in several blogs for some time. Most of them are just my fancy blogs and a few blogs I have maintained for some advocacy.

Years back writing was my outlet. I remember buying my first ever cheap laptop so that I can write and post my thoughts in the internet hoping it would make a change to my world. It was more of a frustration in life that brought our the wannabe writer in me(I guess I am still a wannabe writer after attempting to write ebooks, check them out at Amazon Kindle. There were times it was so therapeutic that I could write and write freely without regard whether I am making sense or just going in spirals. It gave me that freedom to express whatever is in my head and in my heart.

But lately I barely make the usual weekly post. Inspiration don’t come as often. I wish to revive it and make money out of it. But the question is how?

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