Why I watch Anime?

At my age you might not believe that I still watch anime.

Anime has been my best buddy. In my earlier years, my younger siblings and i would always finish the morning Saturday cleaning and other chores so that we get to watch our favorite cartoons and TV shows. We weren’t aware yet back then that those tagalized action cartoons we were watching were actually anime.

Simply put anime is a Japanese version of the cartoon. It is a loose version of the word animation which is actually making a moving picture with a two dimensional drawing. The Japanese has this comic book style of telling a story called manga of which most animes are based on.

The very first hit anime that I know is Ghost Fighter. And from there we have been watching anime that it was even more popular than the early evening newscast.

But today with the internet I have been watching different different genre of anime. Sports anime like Slam Dunk;  Supernatural Anime like Mushishi, Fullmetal Alchemist,Nurarihiyon and others; the olden Japan like the one depicted in Samurai X; and just lately anime adapted from manga about boy-girl relationship like Kimi Ni Todoke(From Me To you) and Say I love you.

Kimi ni todoke:From me to you

The one thing I like in anime is that emotions are clearly made visualize. Also watching subtitled anime helps me learn some Japanese words and at times use it in my daily conversation.

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