When God asks

We were on our way back to Manila when out of the whim my eye caught two billboards as our bus runs in NLEX.

The first one says “Do you know the direction you are going? – God”

Not sure why on this particular day and road such was the message from God. It could be that it is because we were in the NLEX but the message hits you hard. A lot of us may seem to know where we are heading but in reality we are all lost. We have plans for a brighter future and we have worked hard day and night to make it happen but it seems that  all is back to zero or at times things seem to be worse.

Should we as the Disney movie song says, “let it go”, and let God direct us to whatever He wants us to be? Yes that is what should be done but in reality whatever God has intended for us He has already planted that deep in our soul and mind.  Problem is as humans we falter and cling to the things that we think are the things that would make us happy.

At that moment I thought for the direction I was going to, photography and practice of profession. It sounds so easy but at the back of my mind I know people around me are questioning my choices. Even before people question why I came back to the Philippines. But today after working for a year at an Australian company based in the Philippines it seems that the advocacy I was telling everyone why I went back home is being challenge left and right. Most say that there is no hope for the Philippines. Everybody is blaming the government and somebody else instead of taking responsibility for their actions. And worse most people want to be rich the next day because they are sick and tired of being poor.

I always believed that no matter where you are you could be both rich and poor. I t all depends on how you handle what is right in front of you. How one understands the direction he or she is supposed to go. How one will plan out i going to that place or that state. We could all worked hard and yet be still poor. We could also work multiple jobs or even work abroad and still be poor if we don’t make deliberate changes on how we handle things.

We need to take responsibility and truly walk towards the direction God has prepared for us so that when He asks us we have a clear answer to Him.

The second billboard says “We need to talk – God”.

We need to talk -God

It is just like a follow-up from God. It was indeed something that I myself haven’t done in a long time.

Over the years my prayer life has declined. I am a former seminarian and I should know that constant communication is the key of maintaining a relationship may it be with God or a love one. And I accept I am notorious on this. I came form a typical provincial large family of 10 siblings and when we are separated it becomes normal to not even text back home. When I was in Guam I rarely call my mom but there was a point that I made sure I called once a week to check on her health and well-being. When I came back here I am again not calling and even texting. I don’t know I guess it just so happens. Maybe because I am hearing the same stories and issues back home when I call or maybe when I try to tell her something to solve her problems she wont even bother listening and again tell me the same problem the next time.

But that how a relationship is. It should be a constant communication and God reminded me.

I have been a long time when I made my confession. Even though I go to mass every Sunday and hear God’s words at times due to familiarity I can even predict the moral or the point of the priest’s sermon. That is what happens when you don’t listen. So at times or rather most of the time now I shut up and listen. At times I wanted to blurt out my anger, my disappointments, and failed expectations but I chose to be silent and let it pass until I have a clear mind.

God asks if  you know the direction you are going and he requires that you talk to Him.

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