What Would Life Be After Earth: Oblivion Movie Review

I have waited for this movie since  I saw the trailer in Hulu.com.

It is one of those after Earth movies I have waited. I didn’t realize it was showing  today so I ran to the theater after doing my chores.Movie Review Oblivion starring Tom Cruise


The movie is set at the distant future and as the story says it was 2077, 60 years after Invading aliens destroyed Earth. Humans won but has to leave the hostile Earth. The new home will be one of Jupiter’s moon, Titan.  While resources can be salvage, Jack Harper works as the lone droid repairman manning the machines that are sucking the Earth’s waters which will be use in Titan.

While the life they will have in Titan is a new beginning, Jack can’t seem to leave Earth with his dreams of a past he really doesn’t know because of a mandatory memory wipe 5 years before his assignment.  His partner/lover,Victoria, who acts as his communications officer works in their tower base which is also their living quarters. Victoria on the other hand is so excited going to Titan and always admonishes Jack to leave memories of Earth and start a new life on Titan. All change though when Jack seems to feel that the Scavs, the remnant of the defeated alien invaders, are not targeting to kill him but rather to capture him.


A game changer came in the person of Julia. Julia is the survivor of the spaceship Odyssey which dropped on Earth. Julia is the person Jack sees in his dreams and to add to it Julia knows Jack but decided to keep silent to protect something. To learn the rest of the story I suggest you  watch the movie because it is at this part that gets interesting.

The movie is good if you are a fan of the futuristic and mysterious genre. The graphics is so real that you feel like actually looking at the real picture of a future devastated Earth.

The question though is would such scenario possible.

Looking at the technology we have and the kind of social structure it seems it is impossible to set people to work hand in hand to seek another place we can call home. Titan has always been a name attached to a livable planet after Earth.

The movie opens us to a concept of how we will live in the next centuries. But with all the cons of being humans, the dream to live against all odds would be the only driving force we would rely on if such catastrophic even do happen. We may go to drastic measure to mandatory erase memories of Earth but I hope that does not happen.

Memories keeps us alive; never let anyone take them away.

Watch this trailer to get a feel of the movie and watch it in cinemas for the whole story.

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