What matters most

Have you ever ask yourself what is the most important in your life?

What are the important things in life?The busy times this holiday season seems to fly and we all are rushing to buy gifts, to prepare meals, and to meet people. At times we forget it’s already lunch time or time to go home and yet we are still focused on what we are engaged into. But has it ever cross your mind what really matters most.

Last Sunday I called back home to ask how is my mom, this is a weekly habit. And to my surprise my youngest brother told me that mom was not home. He was kinda hesitant to say but finally he told me that our mom was in the hospital since yesterday or so due to low hemoglobin. My mom is in her mid-60’s and now walks with the aid of walker due to a knee operation. My brother told me to call our eldest sister who is in the hospital with our mom.

So I called her but she just got home and that our second is there to watch for the night. So I inquired what really happen. My sister told me that due to ulcer in her stomach, our mom’s red blood cell went down and she got 3 bags of blood for her to be stabilize. After sometime she got chills probably due to the reaction to the blood infusion. And if you only knew our mom she would say that she should have not said a thing already about her condition if such would just happen. My sister said that at times she should get out of the house and go to the mall or some new place to entertain herself or to take out the stress but as always she would rather stay at home and worry about my younger brother being alone in  the house and her small feeds business being left out or stolen. My sister said why mom worries so much on that while my she might lose more if she leaves the store she and her husband runs in the town or their “bodega” in order to have a few relaxation time.

I realized that to every person there are things we value most and that we would be content with it rather than lose sight of it. For our mom I guess her small feeds business and our youngest’s welfare are the most important, since that is all that she can really call her own.

At times we get so fuss with things. Some will go crazy if their yearly event like a surprise birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas is in peril of not happening due to some circumstances. We cant blame them. Those events are the most dear to their hearts. Or probably you have kept some stuff and one day discover that it is missing and you go start blaming anyone for being careless or meddling with your stuff.

What is really important?

It makes me think that wrapping around so many complicated things around us gets us entangled in what really is important. We tend to forget that the simple things are the important.

We don’t need to buy the most expensive or the exact specification of someone’s gift in order to make them happy, it is really the thought that counts. It is really not about how much we have lost but what we have. It is not who we wanted but who is in there present.

I am not saying that I don’t dream of things or wish some stuff but I just want to have that feeling of realizing that importance or finally getting the point why it is what it is.

Life is a mystery.

I have been practicing photography on my own for now and hoping that when opportunity comes I get mentored by a professional photographer. At times I just wanted to catch an image. Image that is the present and as is where is. That is why I believe that we can understand the world more with still photos. At times people have to fix their hair, the way they stand, where they stand and so many things for a picture. The image do look great but it does not convey the true story behind it.

Life happens. It is never a pose.

What matters most is what is now within your grasp; worry not of things that is not there. You shouldn’t be looking for something which is not right there or else you will be,as the song says “waiting in vain.”

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