What is Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012(Republic Act No. 10175)

I really have no idea that such  law was passed in the Philippines last September 12, 2012 and  it is causing some stir in the blogosphere. I was wondering why some status updates in Facebook are blocked or highlighted and has the note “[COMMENT BLOCKED] (ʀᴀ ɴᴏ. 10175).” Was that a way of protest or is the law already in effect? That is why started to look it up because it might affect my day-to-day blogging.

I was only able to read the full text of the law as posted in www.foreclosurephilippines.com so I really can’t say much about it and why lots of people are making noise about it. But here is my two cents of thoughts of the matter.

The story that I read is that R.A. 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is a law that takes our freedom of speech in the internet or the cyberworld.  In a way it tells us that there will be censorship because if there is not how can we catch any cybercrime. Also the point that is most criticize is the line about libel. Libel has been a very famous term in the media and political arena. The issue now is what is included and excluded in the crime libel. In the internet anybody could tweet, post, or comment words which others might think as libelous or otherwise. Because of such nature of the internet or cyberworld it would be very hard to identify or classify things whether it is libelous or not. A simple expression will now be a very complex matter. I guess this part is where our law makers should have made things crystal clear.

On the other hand protection of domain names, protection of trademarks and copyrights are the ones I see very good about the law. Also prevention of pornography is the best part of the law. But again how will such relate to other countries who has allows adult content or more than such form of art or literature are of adult content. So I guess the body that will be task to do such job must really really equip itself not only in means to catch but also the knowledge to identify and differentiate such things which may not be accepted in Philippines but is a normal idea in another country.

I guess the law should be again look into and as always make a clear definition of any crimes that should be covered so that we could have a better and a healthier cyberspace.

The internet is now the world’s greatest source of information and it has help us humans to develop so many things in the past decades. Should we curtail such means of acquiring knowledge or should we make it better to serve its purpose.

All I can say is that we, the people, should be RESPONSIBLE for whatever we put in the internet because from the very beginning the internet is ALWAYS FREE.

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