What do you believe in?

I watched the movie Stigmata a few days back.
The story was about an atheist who received the stigmata, wound similar to that of our Lord Jesus. But beyond that the story rolls to the angle of “lost gospels” particularly the gospel of Thomas. The gospel of Thomas are list of sayings which as the gospel says “from the living Jesus Christ” and the movie points out that the church is in each human being and all around us.
Lately we have seen the effect of the Da Vinci Code. It caused people to seek the truth but at the same time led people to confusion. Sometimes we think that all our faith, is a spoon fed thing that we just took and not bother what really it is.
And then we stumbled on something that either shattered or strengthened our faith.
Also back then a documentary was made regarding finding the remains of Jesus. The Lost Tomb of Jesus is a documentary about finding a tomb believed to be a family tomb of which one ossuaries has an inscriptions saying Yeshua bar Yehosef, Aramaic for “Jesus son of Joseph”
These movies and other media can stir what we believe in. It may make you re-think your stand on your faith and in the end lead you to nothingness. Seeking answers is good, but I caution you that life is not about what is happening right in front of our eyes rather it is the choices that we made that makes our lives. 

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