Watched Loopers

Haunted by your futur; haunted by your past


This movie got me intrigue the moment I saw its trailer in

For starters it is impossible to go back in time(as already theorized by Hawkins) but for the movie it does have a great story. It already showing for about a week so I guess what I will tell is not a spoiler.

In my humble opinion the movie was fuzzy and it self confusing if you are not that keen enough to follow its trail. So the main character Joe,played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, sees his future self and that his employers are closing the loop thus he would die in the next 30 years. But in an unfortunate event his future self knew how to deal with it. So he seek our to find the Rainmaker who has killed loopers in the future. Thirty years back this Rainmaker was a just a child and whatever his reasons for erasing the loopers has to do something with the past.

Now came the future Joe played by Bruce Willis. The future Joe wanted to live his life and in order for that to happen he has to stop the Rainmaker. Little did he know that he   create Rainmaker because of the hatred that has looped. In the end the present Joe understood this and decided to end the loop by killing his present self.

The fuzzy part of the story is why does the future Joe did not realize that when the present Joe already realized it? The story could have ended in a happy story where the present Joe could have gone  to China and meet his beloved wife and that the life the future Joe has would have been a bliss. The life of the young Rainmaker could have change into the right path by controlling his telekinetic powers with the help of his mother. Or there was a time lag that is why that possibility never happen?

But the fact is the story presents itself in a way where it opens one’s minds to possible change. What if one day your future self comes knocking at your door telling you what will you be in the future and begs you to change? What if you can go back and change someone’s life?

Life is indeed harsh thus people think that the past will haunt them. Yet the past should be one’s lesson to correct the coming future. Instead of spending the rest of your life in regret why not start picking up yourself from your failure and direct yourself to the right path.

Going back to the past isn’t the solution, starting over is the solution. The past is the past and from time to time it may give you heartaches but the future does not depend on it, it depends on what you do NOW.

By the way, another great movie I think is worth watching is Skyfall this coming November.

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