Walking Again

The bad weather for the past months stopped me from doing my Saturday late afternoon walk from my apartment to Lower Tumon here in Guam.

unstress by walking and meditating at the same timeTo my delight,after going around the island to tour a friend’s friend(we call this “round the island”) and taking a much-needed nap, the

day was ending just right. The sun was up but the white cumulus clouds blocks the heat. The wind was just fine and the path is as always peaceful. Walking has been my ritual every Saturday. It is both my exercise and meditation.  Also I trimming my gut and hoping such exercise contributes to weight loss goal.

I am basically doing walk/jog/run but most of the time I am just walking. There are lots of fun run/walk here in Guam but I believe I only attended one. I use walking more of a time to clear out my mind from all the week’s stress and the stress that seems to come before me.

I hope the next weeks will be the same as today. I need more walking time before I go on vacation in the Philippines but this is just a secondary reason why I wanted to walk; the first is always a quiet time to talk to my inner self and God.

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