Twitter trending topic about #thatsdisturbing

I have just joined the Twitter bandwagon and has become addicted to it. Another thing that makes Twitter the latest Social Network is the trending topic. You get to share your ideas or opinion on such topics by only using 140 characters(minus the topic). Topics that are tag with the hash tag “#” allows Twitter to in a way indexed that word and create a data about it.
The topic is about what’s disturbing. The Twitter trending topic is on #thatsdisturbing and here are some excerpts in the Twitter world:

You 30 and you still playing w/ action figures #thatsdisturbing

a babe havn an adams apple nd a voice deeper than shaqs…#thatsdisturbing

Chic has more facial hair than I do #ThatsDisturbing


#thatsdisturbing when you’re watching horror by yourself…


when u ask many question like a detective #thatsdisturbing


Seeing someone u know die in front of u…#thatsdisturbing

A woman with feet bigger than Shaq’s… #thatsdisturbing     

How about you what do you consider disturbing? You can add up here by posting in the comment box or clicking retweet and adding the #thatsdisturbing at the end .

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