This is my escape blog :)

Been blogging and battling a lot of writers block moments. It is so frustrating when you have an idea and then you do something and you forget about it. 
I decided to start a blog for the other things that come out of my head and unluckily this idea came. Yup this blog is for the small things I remember with my weird family 🙂
Yes my brother now is a cook. He works at a hotel as cook. The funny thing is he took a management related course in college but ended up as a cook. 
(post video here from FB)
My sister took accounting just like me(because according to her my books will go to waste if she did’nt… peace sister 🙂 ) but she has a passion taking pictures and thus after saving a lot she finally got enough to actually pursue her dream…. to fulfill her artistic side through photography.
As for me I am CPA. But as the my days pass I have found blogging and writing a way of my outlet. That is why I am a blogger. But looking at my blogs compared to the great bloggers it seems I am just a ant. But nonetheless I will be a great blogger and a writer too(yup made my first e-book and its in hope you check it out just look for Louis Delos Angeles)
Thats it for now.
Oh by the way I have 9 siblings so little by little I’ll share with you my family and the weirdness that we have. 🙂
Till then…. 

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