The Story of Kabog :)

My little brotherIf you live in our small barangay you might wonder why we call our youngest, George, Kabog.

Well here it goes.

Back then there were two famous entertainment in the country: GMA Film’s Jose Rizal and the cartoon version of Snow White in ABS-CBN 2.(hmmmm something fishy here well what do you expect these two tv networks are the only two at par with each other)

The name “Kabog” was actually the name of the bat that the evil queen in Snow White has and it makes this eerie sound. My little brother George would sometimes make that sound and soon enough we started calling him Kabog.

But what really cemented that name was when I, his brother, imitated a scene in Jose Rizal. It was when young Jose Mercado’s older brother told him not to use “Mercado” when ask what is his family name but instead say “Rizal”.

With my ways around things I told my little brother

“George mula ngaun hindi mo na pwedeng gamitin and pangalang George”

and with that my other siblings told George to respond just like in the movie. And he said

“Ano ang gagamitin ko?”

And I said



Peace George πŸ™‚

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