The old story crush

It makes me smile that even today after so many years there is this girl in my younger years who do the “nakaw tingin” to me.

I don’t want to be “laki ng ulo” or something but it just makes me smile. And also I don’t want to be the reason for a broken marriage(I think she is already married because a young boy tags along with her which I think is her son).

Did I intrigue you?

I guess this is a story of what people call crush(because it is a one-sided story).

When I was in elementary and joined the altar boys of our parish it would normal for some to notice you(ahem!). It so happens that this particular girl started to notice me. So what happens is that she would be in the mass to which I usually serve. It was nothing actually until it became obvious and some people start to notice it. She is from another barangay and she is a year older so when I turned grade 6 she was first year high school and thus she now attends the high school in our barangay.

I remember that there was a time that even my teachers knew about it and there was a day out of fun they called her and me and truly ask what is with us. It was the very first time that I am face to face with her(yes I was avoiding her) and we were just silent and she just giggled. And our teacher told us that it must just be a crush or something and that we were too young for such and we should not pursue such thing. But of course it did not end there and I was embarrassed. So from there on I avoided her at all cost.

After elementary I entered the seminary. And everytime I on vacation from the seminary and every mass where I serve she is somewhere there in the pews. Sometimes I wonder what do I have that she really focused on me(again I don’t want to be branded airhead). After seminary I pursued my college education in Metro Manila so I was able to have a break.

But one summer vacation it was one of the shock of my life. My former elementary classmate who was friend with hers handed me a letter. It was letter from her. I thought it was all gone but it has been years and still she does her usual thing. I even heard that in one of our barangay fiesta she went with some SK(Sanguniang Kabataan) officials of her barangay so that she can be at our place(my brother was the town’s SK president so some friends in politics would come in our barangay fiesta). So I open the letter(of course in secret) and read it. She just said that she since I am studying in Manila I might have already have a girlfriend there and that she just want to say hi and wish me luck in my life(or so I already forgot the message word for word but I remember that I tore up or made sure that letter will be gone sorry for that).

And so after finishing up college, working and passing my licensure exam, working again and working abroad for the past 2 Sunday masses I did saw her passing near where I sat and I know she still does her secret “sulyap“. I know it was weird. I was already here in my barangay for about 2 months and in the first few weeks I didn’t see her but these last two weeks I did notice her doing her thing and that was what made me smile, that after so many years she still does that.

I know you have that feeling and I know you just want to reminisce but I guess we have our own lives now.

As for me I found love already and I am very happy with the one. I hope you as well found the happiness in your life.

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