The Irony of my blog

This is funny.

I have a blog that talks about how to live a stress-free life but to this day I am stress out. So many things happen in the past 3 months. Stress comes now from all direction as if I am a soldier dodging all the bullets coming from several machine guns and falling debris from bomb explosion.

Yes, the irony.

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On top of all that stress, last Sunday was a huge stress. After blogging in Blogger for the longest time I finally decided to move to a hosted blog using Hostgator as my web host and getting a domain name from NameCheap. And of course what better platform to use for blogging than WordPress. It all went live in September and it was going well in the first 3 weeks of October. If you noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. I was just moving post from old blogs to the new blogs and then last Sunday it all happen. I was about to enjoy my Sunday afternoon with a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at Infusion Coffee and Tea Leaf in Upper Tumon Guam when after typing my url to login to my blog a white page of WordPress greeted me saying about WordPress famous 5 minute installation.

So it was okay. I filled the form thinking it could just be an update. Press enter and it went back to the same page. Annoyed with it I tried to open another blog I have and it is just like the other. I panic and login to my Hostgator account and quickly started a chat with the support team. I detailed the issue then I was told that my account is causing the shared server to use up large capacity and thus my account was blocked to prevent causing problems to other accounts in that server. There were instructions that I could do to resolve the problem and the not so techie in me started to shout ” hey can you do this for me I don’t know any word you just told me.”

Total exhaustion after a stressful problem


Yes at times people think I am a techie person or a genius computer geek but I don’t know much to solve any of anyone’s computer problem. I guess I know some but I don’t know  much. But at times I pretend that I know hoping I can accidentally solve it. The problem continued in the evening till late night. At first I was patient but by the time it is already 12 am at my side of the planet(I don’t know where in the world these tech guys are probably India, Philippines, or California) I am already pissed and was ready to punch their faces if they don’t solve the problem. Out of exhaustion, I shut down my computer and went to bed hoping it’s fix the next day.

The next day I can open it in my laptop while I was at home but when I came tot eh office it was blocked. So I contacted Hostgator support again and the same stressful situation again. Finally I gave up and deep within me I said “God you are really testing me, yes I surrender it to you I can’t fix this but You can.”

I told the support guy that I totally put it to their hands instead of me checking on them every minute demanding to be fix it ASAP. I let go of it and just stayed quiet the whole day at the office doing my job. IN the evening I got an email detailing the problem which was a plugin. The plugin was already taken out and everything should be going okay. I emailed back and thank the team for a job well done. And the evening I check the sites and did some advises from the Hostgator support team to optimized my blogs.

After that I enjoyed the evening watching this old TV series, John Doe. As usual I watch around 4-5 episodes same with every anime I watch. Called my fiancée to check her blogs hosted inmy web host(check her blogs by clicking PERAHOLIC, CUDDLYCRADLE, SECRETSANDSCANDALS, TOUCH PHILIPPINES) and finally went to sleep.

Today was a better day than yesterday. There was no much traffic since most offices are close due to Election Day. I remembered that I have a free coffee at Infusion so I drove by the coffee shop and ordered my coffee. To my surprise the first barista  in the coffee shop that I really haven’t seen for a long time was there. I was thinking she never knew me already but to my surprise she still knew me. Upon leaving the coffee shop strange things begin to happen. The traffic was smooth, I was not really not that late for office(yes lately I am late due to my late sleeping time), and the aura was not toxic just like yesterday. And then a thought came to me, “God you did really test me there didn’t you?”. Deep inside I was smiling and the day was not as stressful as it usually does.

So remember the irony of life and if things seems hard think that God is just testing you.

Smile and the world will smile back at you.

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