The cuteness of my fiancee’s dogs

I am not  a pet person.

When I fell in love and finally made that decision that she’s the one I never really have an idea how many shih tzus and other bunch of pets she as. Just like what I said, I am not a pet person but it doesn’t mean I hate them. I am just not use to with pets.

Back in our home in Pangasinan the animals that I consider as pets were our askal dogs which guard our house at night. I remember one askal dog which was a cross breed between a German Shepherd and a askal that my brother really took care of and treated as a real pet and friend. Being with a German Shepherd blood probably Lancer, yes that was the name my brother gave, has that intellect to know that my brother was his master. Lancer would really run to my brother when he comes and even obey his simple commands like sitting down, jump, and to stop barking.

The Princess Shih TzuI remember the first time I went to my fiancee’s house and she introduced me to her shih tzus which we now call our babies. They are cute no wonder she loves them so much. She would even carry them like a real baby and hug them. Yes it’s really nice but again it’s ok with me but I am not really that of a pet person I can carry them and play with them but really can’t kiss them. But at times I really miss them, seeing her so happy together with the shih tzus. Yes the rowdy noise they make when we arrived home. They would all bark and race to us and circle around our feet. The eldest of them named Chuchay aka Cutie is that shih tzu girl that bullies the only male of the pack, Cholo. We were thinking probably Cholo likes Cutie but she doesn’t like Cholo. At times we would catch them make silly playing and barking and running after each other but when things go bad they would bite each other often times my fiancee gets in the middle and getting scratches and the worse bitten.

We also have Chacha the smallest of the four and Chelsea the demure white one. Chacha might be small but at times she’s so brave that he would bark at Chuchay and run after her.Chelsea seems to be the intelligent of the four. Then the time came for the three girls to be mommy shih tzus and they, Chacha and Chelsea, gave birth to more cute pups and my fiancee would say that she died of over cuteness.

Besides the four shih tzus and their pups, she has two Siberian Huskies, a cat, an askal, a Belgian, and a pair of love birds. Good thing she is into this type of pets and not like my nephew who is into snakes and alligators. I can’t blame her for loving them so much, who wouldn’t they’re so cute! Besides that they have captured my heart as well, I may not be a pet lover in her level but I do like them and at times smile when I remember their antics.

You can check our baby shih tzus at her kennel site and get in love to their cuteness.

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