Take care of your health now

My mother, in her dilapidated state, would tell us to take care of our health and well-being because no matter how much money, insurance, and health card you have once sickness comes to you there is no turning back.

People often regret when they neglected their health. After working so hard and maybe partying hard, sickness starts to creep. When one gets sick the one thing we have is the freedom of mobility. When your body can’t do its normal function specially when your legs wont bring you to where you want, it becomes depressing. You might need to do your private thing but since your sick you either ask somone to bring you there or be in a diaper. Sitting or laying in bed for an extended period of time can be so frustrating. And it times you might think and exasperate why you of all people.

Being immobile at times make you think of ending it all so as not to be a burden. At times you feel ashame because you aren’t contributing to the family. Helpless on doing so simple things like switching of your airconditioning but have to wake up everybody in the middle of the night because you just can’t do it.

Thus to you I give a stern warning. Take care of your health while your young. Dont wait of the day that you become sickly and immobile.

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