Speaking in public

Speaking in small groups of 2-5 is just fine but speaking to about 30-60 was kinda different.

Talking and discussing with friends casually in a coffee shop or a small room is okay but speaking to an audience in a far-flung province is challenging. To add to that not knowing your audience, that is their age range, educational background, religion, or ideology might handicap you in delivering your talk.

They say the best way to fight your stage fright is to think as if you are just talking to one friend. Zero out the rest and focus as if you are addressing one person in the audience. That is though easier said than done. That is why now a days there are seminars and advocates of public speaking.

Whether you earn money as a public speaker or not you will be eventually one of the guys who has to stood up there or maybe stand up in the middle of a crowd to voice out your idea or your group’s idea. You need to tell the world what do think about the situation or why it matters to you.

The messenger does not matter… the message does. But if the messenger can’t deliver it right, the message wont be delivered.

Learn how to be an effective speaker

Learn how to be an effective speaker

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