Sleeplessness: Me and me and me

Many people have this sickness called insomnia sleep disorder.

As of today I don’t see myself insomniac so to speak; but the fact that I don’t get enough sleep a bad thing. One bad thing I know about it is that you keep on eating in daybreak to stay awake since I cant be sleeping on  daybreak, how I wish. But on weekends I try to catch sleep but I hate the idea. When waking up from such slumber it seems I slept for two or three days. Sometimes I wonder if what year is it when I wake up. And when my body begins to realize that probably I just slept three or four hours my head begins to ache, my back begins to ache, and as if I want to vomit.

As much as I wanted to doze off at 10:00 pm I cant. My mind is still awake but its not thinking of anything. Thus it starts to wander. I cant lie down in bed or else I will be awake the whole night. There are things I can do while passing time until my body decides to sleep but the problem is my mind is blank. And when the mind is blank you know what happens. 

I have mentioned in my past blogs about a time when as if I am hearing a strange talk while I was lying down in my bed. It was creepy. As if a dead man speaking in language from the past is right there in my room. Whispering eerie things in my ear. 

Do you know what can I do to fight this sleeplessness? Do you know what causes insomnia, or you have any insomnia information? Leave your advices and thoughts  in the comment box, your contribution is highly appreciated

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