Remembering Fr. Louie


When I entered the seminary(yes I was once a seminarian) I was

just this young tall kid from a not so well known barrio of Dulag,

Binmaley, Pangasinan.


Before entering the seminary I was an altar boy together with my cousins Moises and Billy Joe. I think I became an altar boy when I was in grade 4 or 5. Our parish priest then was Rev. Fr. Herbers of the SVD. He has been the builder of the Divine World Colleges in Urdaneta City and also our parish. He was the person that was able to build our octagon church. My father as well, the late Isabelo Delos Angeles Sr., was an EM or Extraordinary Minister.

Not to brag but according to my dad I have brains that is why studying in the seminary will in a way complement my brain. So with guidance of Fr. Herbers and my dad’s wishes I ended up in the seminary right after graduating elementary school in my small unknown barrio. And to tell you the truth what would you expect from a kid who just graduated from elementary? I was just thinking how many more time I would have so that I can bike around our barrio several times.

I went on take the entrance exam, face the formators speaking in
English(yes they talk to me in English and I just answered as little
as possible to avoid long conversations because I have limited
English. I did pass and after that by June I found myself together
with 150+ freshmen in the grounds of Mary Help of Christians
High School Seminary.
Because of me studying in the seminary many of my ka-barrio thought I would be the very first priest of our small parish. The last one that entered the seminary was from the adjacent barrio but went out of the seminary. I did finish high school seminary but at the end I never continued. As they say you would know yourself if you have a calling and I didn’t have such special dream or awakening and from there it was decided that God has other plans for me. I continued education in Manila with the advice and my brother Gerald’s effort convincing my dad to send me to Manila for college education.

But the title “Fr. Louie” never left me. Every time I go on vacation
every month from seminary neighbors and small kids I didn’t
even know would call me Fr. Louie. My cousins call me Fr. Louie,
and all I could do is smile. Even after going out of the seminary(I
wasn’t kick out from the seminary contrary to popular reason
why one is out of the seminary, I did graduate with flying colors: OUTSTANDING SEMINARIAN).
After some time now a few bunch will call me Fr. Louie or would remember that I was studying at the seminary. Often times when they go to our house to buy feeds from my mom’s store they would remember that one of her son is studying in the seminary and wonder if I did end up becoming a priest. Well I didn’t become a priest but to date I always carry that honor and dignity of a seminarian. Always be an example and be the best I can be to tell people about Jesus Christ even only in my actions. And the more that I have to be that way specially when I spend the rest of my life with my fiancée: to be a good husband, a good provider, a good father for our future kids to look up to, and a good partner in life.

For those interested to the priestly vocation contact your parish priest and ask on how to enter the seminary.

For those who live in Pangasinan you can contact:

Mary Help of Christians High School Seminary
2417 Binmaley, Pangasinan
Tel. 540-0055

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