Remembering 500 Pesos

There was a time in my life where I shared a 500, back then it was a huge amount, with my sister the aspiring photographer and my cousin Michael, who now sails the seven seas. 
Well we were in elementary in our peaceful barangay. Back then school bus were not so famous; we walk about 1.5 km to go to school. While walking going to school, i think that was after lunch, we came to the famous point called “salipungpungan” that is the four way intersection that divides our barangay, Dulag, from the other barangay called “Amancoro”. I don’t remember if it was my aspiring photographer sister or my cousin who sails the seven seas who saw a weird lump in the dusty roads of Dulag, again yes our roads were not asphalted or cemented like today. Upon picking it up we were all awed, it was was a 500 peso bill with the famous Benigno Aquino who’s hand is in his chin. 
Yup you guess right, Finders Keepers. But we are three so upon reaching the school we didn’t tell anyone, off course what do you think three young and innocent kids would do if they pick up a 500 peso bill in the middle of a dusty road? We decided to buy some snacks, the famous was the ice scramble, so that we could change it. And of course a vendor would be curious how could three bunch of kids have a 500 peso bill at those times. It was like that 500 peso is equivalent to 10,000 today i guess. 
So we have no choice but to tell our story that we got it in the middle of the road. After some thought the vendor from Amancoro, my gosh I forgot his name, gave us our fill gave us enough change that we may be able to divide among us the loot or should I say the wealth we found under the dust in the road.
Whomever owned that might have had a very miserable day. He might have been looking and looking where could that 500 peso be. As for us again what would you expect from 3 young and innocent kids right.
Now after so many years and after learning the value of money I would make sure that I don’t misplace it. After all it is a hard earned money. As the years pass by even though the value of a 500 peso today is not as much as it was before still that  would make sure I take good care of my finances or else 3 innocent kids might chance to pick it up in the dusty road and would cry “Finders Keepers!!”

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