Quest for the best coffee I found to date

Remember my earlier blog about me looking for a better coffee around Makati City(or should I say Metro Manila)?

It is a holiday here in the Philippines in celebration of our Muslim brothers and siste’rs Eidul Adha. After spending the whole Sunday just at home except for the supposed noodles dinner at Wasabi in The Collective(effect fail because they are closed on Sundays) which turn into Bon Chon dinner with a very small serving and a very unsatisfying order(it has more breading than the real meat) and grocery at Cash N Carry; I kind of got bored this Monday. Waking up late and dealing with our another unsatisfying service of our SmartBro LTE(from Sept 30 to date we have  No service to on and off connection with almost 1 hour waiting time for every call I made to the customer service only to tell you that they have some problems like mis-aligned SIM and just awhile ago some technical upgrade) I got bored. So I decided to check out Henry’s Photo at Glorietta and I did see they have most of my wanted stuff for my single off camera flash setup but it is so costly that is why I might try stores at Hidalgo some time over the weekend.

Also checked out tablets that would a good tool to use when showing potential photography clients my photos but they are really costly. My choices are narrowed down to Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, Samsung Tab S, and iPad Mini2. Though Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet seems so nice, the negative review on its screen resolution made me drop it off my list even though the design and the marketing with Aston Kutcher was pretty much convincing.  SO with that I did also check out Payless Shoes for a possible combo shoes(1 for my office black leather shes and a possible rubber shoes) but again it is not my day so I ended up in Fila which they only have a blue and yellow color for the sole part of the shoe instead of green which is my favorite color.

But at the end of the day as I was about to head home I remembered the cozy Seattle’s Best coffee shop. So I walked towards that direction and then it occurred to me why don’t I try Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe. I often pass this shop during my early Sunday jog(thus for the new shoes) and I never really did try it. So I went in and tried it. I checked out their coffee choices and they just have the most menu for coffees, the same old boring latte, cappuccino, and mocha so I tried their latte. To my surprise they only have two types which decaf and regular but no serving size thus I ended up paying a small cup which is usually for a tall cup size in most coffee shop. The coffee though passed my standard, they could have gotten a big points from me if they have served bigger size for the price. They are a bakery but they have a wide choices of sandwiches so I tried a grilled sausage and opted for the spicy one but to  my disappointment it is not as spicy as I was expecting. Again price is not match to the serving size so I just enjoyed it.

I ask for my bill and paid it with my credit card but when my chit was given I didn’t get the receipt that would let me know if there is a service charge. So I juts signed it and as I was about to go out I just realize there was none. I felt bad about it because I didn’t give at least a small tip for my waiter(even if they did not really paid much attention to me because I look like ordinary to them unlike the other customers). Always check your bill if a service charge is put on your tab. It’s ok not to tip if there is a service charge already but if there is none just give a little extra for the waiters or servers. It is a small thank you that you as a customer can give to these hardworking servers/waiters. My brother who is now a cook once mentioned that tips do help out waiters/servers since often times the service charge does not really go to them.

So my verdict for Mom & Tina’s coffee latte: passed but you could have upsize the serving for the price or better yet offer serving size for coffee addicts like me. The ambiance is quite good for little chit chats or afternoon meetings but the way tables are arranged kinda dissolves the privacy of customers. I sat in a two sitter small coffee table where the chairs are a bit to low. The other group is just an arms-length from where I sat so I can hear their talked about which traveling bag to buy and what to avoid when buying the brand Shoemart is selling.

Just my two cents.

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