POEA Balik-Manggagawa Trinoma Sub-office nightmare

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As an OFW(Overseas Filipino Worker), coming on Christmas holidays is the most wished personal gift one can give oneself. Christmas is really different here in the Philippines. So with all my bags packed, I left for the Philippines last December 22, 2012 morning. My fiancee was there and we went home. As an OFW I needed to secure my OEC or E-recipt for my exit. I received that the Trinoma sub-office is now serving OFWs who get schedule online. With that my vacation has become more sweeter.

Before leaving I was able to fill up online the form indicating December 26, 2012 at 12 noon as my schedule date at the Trinoma sub-office. From there I will be bound for Batangas with my fiancee for our friends’s wedding the next day. So on the 26th we were at Trinoma hoping it will just be at least a 15 minute processing time at the POEA sub-office for E-recipts.

It was a disaster.

When we went there there were people sitting waiting already. I approached the guard and should him my paper, to my surprise I hvae to log in for a number. I thought it was a schedule basis thus there should be no need for a number. With that I decided to stay and wait while my fiancee went around the mall. That was about 11:30 am.

After waiting and waiting there seems to be a problem. My number was 65 and instead of hearing schedule number was being called and it was only at 38.Other OFWs are already complaining for the slow process. To my surprise the schedule batch processing was not followed and the OFWs present was a mixed of the ones with schedule and walk-ins. With that everyone is already agitated. One thing more there was only one evaluator and assessor that added to the delay.

Other people who have been waiting there are already saying some words to annoy the processor for the slow process and the problem is that in reality the schedule that was suppose to be followed was not even implemented that is why the guard is assigning numbers to everyone that is coming.

Of course for us who went to the pain of getting a schedule are annoyed. We should have finished our business there in just about 5 minutes since we have a schedule and yet we are there sitting and waiting for what use is the schedule. Good thing one of the supervisor of the cashier and some OFWs talked it out and agreed to make two groups, one with a schedule and one walk-in, and have them serve alternate.

After awhile the other OFWs who have a 1:00 pm schedule started to come in but since the POEA staff are trying to serve first the group already waiting to be served, the door was closed to prevent the number they are trying to serve. One guy was furious for the disorganized and wasted time he was going through and compared and pointed out that in Singapore they have a better and different system. Also others are whispering that this should have been a clarification that this sub-office is for the OFWs that have a schedule.

I was already irate good thing my turn came before everything got worse there. While in front of the processor I inquired why were there walk-ins when the bulletin indicates there should be a schedule before going there. She told me that such couldn’t be done. We can’t blame them for the mis-information and also the limited staff sent to operate the Trinoma sub-office. Also the space alloted to them was quite small.

Upon leaving my head is already aching with all the arguments and angry sentiments by my co-OFWs who truly deserve more than that. We have been working hard to send finances back to the Philippines to our love ones to spend it domestically for their needs thus helping the Philippine’s economy.

I did email some suggestions to improve such even before this happened I guess the POEA guys where not really thinking wiser when they started this project. I hope they do listen and be better the next time I come home for vacation.

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  1. maria chavez says:

    Exactly..I was thete begore the appointed time but they refused to entertain me my appt was 2 pm but they did not honor dis…this has been an unending prob of poea

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