One reason why corruption thrives in the Philippines

After a meeting with our third-party consultant, my boss drag our conversation to the latest issues with the LTO. He shared his experience being pulled over due to his car’s plate having this clear car plate protector. Well according to the arresting officer such was illegal and thus he has to pay the fine and have it remove. Well he tried to defend himself but ended paying it anyway. So he research about it and according to the rules and laws no driver can put or add something to he car plate that may obstruct it from being seen. His was a clear one so his plate number could be easily seen and thus he has not violated any traffic rules.

Gray area

And it down on him. Philippine laws and regulation are always not clear in most issues thus it has always been open to interpretation. There has been no clear direction but rather most rules have gray areas for argument’s sake. And because of that corruption comes into the scene. When people know they can reason out on their violation they either get away with it or end up bribing the arresting officer saying that the law is not clear and in order for them to be the merry life they are a few pesos could do the trick.

He cited another instance where his consultant told him to not declare everything so that he wont pay more than the usual. He argued that if the same rate applies whatever income bracket you are surely there will be no corruption. Good people will stay good people following what the law says.

We Pinoys tend to want to avoid everything. Like merchants asking their long time customers just not to ask for a receipt and they will give them discount. This is to avoid any trail of documentation that the merchant did such sale and have such profit to avoid paying higher taxes.  Or if we need to avoid the long line and long processing people on both sides of the table do the bidding game. The government official tells you that your transaction will take a long time due to the long process but if you would give some expediting fee without a receipt(you know what this is) you can have your processed papers tomorrow. The person ask and bargains and bargains until they have reached an agreement. Bad thing is this cycle goes on from old people both in the government side and the public side because everyone doesn’t want to be bothered by long lines and others.

So what could we Pinoys do to change this bad cycle?

For us common people stop asking if such government official could be bribe. On the government side we have all the means to make sure no corrupt people do such acts and at the same time transactions could be doe electronically where corruption and red tape could be cut. That is why the government’s computerization programs takes long. All payment and filing should be done electronically to avoid human people tat could be tempted to ask for bribe money.

We should have been a great country decades ago but corruption got that opportunity from us. Will you let that happen for the next generation?

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