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Freemind free mindmapping software

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Looking back I think my 4 years in the seminary has been my most fruitful.

I believed it was the most fruitful to date because it was those four years that I get to know much of the world. Imagine me  a young boy out from a very simple and kinda remote barangay in Binmaley. There was no internet, telephone, cable, and no library with books to read. I remember when my sister ask me what would I like for my birthday present and I told her I want a set of encyclopedia and she made a big gulp saying she wont be able to afford that.

The seminary has a functional library. It has the most extensive set of encyclopedia, reference books, fiction, magazines, and a huge collection of National Geographic Magazine bound every three-month issue. I also remember when our head English teacher got infuriated when our library was not recognized by the governing body of schools because they say it was never open. The fact is the library is open only at night-time since at day time seminarians are busy in the classroom, in the chapel praying, or doing cleaning in the grounds. If I was to ask the seminary library is like the internet where you get lots of information depending on how good yo are at searching.

But that is not the story here.

After leaving the seminary and pursuing accounting, little by little I get to feel that my focus on academic and even some things in life is degrading. Now working for nearly 10 years there re times that I forgot to do something and worse is that I was just doing it and was about to get a document from the files and after while probably distracted along the way I end up wondering why was I standing.

I do need to address such and that is why I seek some help tools to guide my mind and to get back my strongest skill, focus. As I check out sites and blogs some people are also having trouble just like I do. We are perfectly normal but because of the chaotic world we live in now we easily get distracted. Some have found mind maps.

Mind map is a graphical illustration of the thoughts you are thinking. In a way it is a flowchart but at the same time it is not. It basically looks like a picture of one’s random thoughts which we could interconnect to help us understand what we are thinking of in the first place.

I heard that Mac comes with one but unfortunately I’m a PC guy. There are some good software but comes with a hefty price but I found this that is absolutely free and it is so easy to use. It is not as fancy as the rest but it does do the task. The software is called Freemind.

The first time I use it I was actually lost. So I hit the famous tutorial site, Youtube.com, and found one short video that explains it all. From there I have started brainstorming things from my office work task, to my blog topics, and lately my to-do list for the next couple of months.

To learn more about Freemind check it at their website http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Check out the video below from Youtube.com to get you started.

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