My walking routine and the search for great coffee

At last I finally brave the inner streets for Makati CBD and found myself walking home.

Since moving in Makati City, I told myself that the office is just about a 15 minutes walk away so better get down and make those strides. I guess I chicken out due to the fact that I don’t know the ins and outs of this area.

The ins and outs of Makati City

So one Saturday out of the blue, I did another goal that I have told myself:long-range walking. Today I did the second one which could have been done yesterday morning but was so tired that I don’t feel waking. The first time I walk from Mayapis street area to Ayala Triangle and back on a Sunday was a bit nice than I thought. It’s Sunday thus no smoke from buses and cars passing; no groups of people along sidewalks of Ayala avenue, and better yet good-looking joggers here and there. On my way back I did track the route I have planned using site. I thought I have already made my plans well but it turn out I went too far from the turning point at T.Taylo. Ended exiting near Walter Mart and walking along Osmeña Highway.

And so learning from my mistake I now fly the Dela Rosa side instead of the Taylo side. But as I walked to home in the afternoon, the coffee addict in me started to come out. Every corner of Makati CBD has its own coffee shop and the funny thing is nearly every street has its own Starbucks and other leading coffee shops. I was thinking of other coffee shop style or ambiance and other and better coffee. Starbucks is sweet and most of what people buy in Starbucks is actually their sweet concoctions rather than the coffee itself. In the past I tried Gloria Jeans when I was till a “tambay” in Cubao(I think the Gloria Jeans coffee shop is no longer their); Seattle’s Best once or twice but I remember the one I tried in SM Baguio which is really a bitter coffee which it is supposed to be; and of course my hangout coffee shops when I was in Guam:CoffeeBeanery and Infusion in Upper Tumon.

I want to see a variety in the local coffee shops. Back in Guam I always get the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in a French press. And I was actually doing it wrong when I saw a youtube video on how to make a good coffee using a French press. I shouldn’t have made my coffee stay in the press to avoid over-brewing making it bitter and just the right blend. Also most coffee shops now are more of a meeting area of loud people instead of a sweet spot for reading and soul-searching. Though it is bad for business, I love it when there are only a few people in the coffee shop specially solo customers who came in to relax sipping good coffee.

I guess I found myself a quest. I need to search near and far for the best coffee in Makati or even anywhere in Manila who knows my feet will drag me there one day and enjoy coffee the it should be: smelling the aroma, sipping the hot liquid, and by myself or with a quiet friend in the couch or table for two just in the corner away from the noise and confusion of the city.

P.S. Would like to ask your suggestion for a great place to sip coffee. Kindly leave your suggestions in the comments below. Let’s make a coffee shop review.

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