My Very First FastFood visit

I am trying very hard to remember if it was Jollibee that was the first fast food I have ever step on but I don’t have vivid memories of it. 
The one I remember was when my sister Liezl brought me along to her work, she taught at a college back then, and after the day we ate at Chowking.
Remembering the first fastfood I went in to
You know life in the province. Going to the city really excites any kid, that was me by the way, and surely will be looking forward to it. I was about in Grade 4-6. Also I was quite tall for my age and at that time it was at that age boys get circumcise. They say that you get a lot taller after getting circumcise and I got circumcise  when I was grade 6 before entering the seminary.

Since my sister got to work I got stuck in the teachers office. Just there sitting still. Some of her co-teachers would start short talks asking this and that and knowing me a not so little boy from the barrio would just say yes or “on” or “opo” or just a nod. When my sister got back they ask her, say how tall I am, and yeah freak out that at my height I am not yet circumcise and I will really be taller after it. 

In the afternoon we went to the school’s gym to check some sports activities. Back then also I am not a fan of basketball. To tell you the truth up to now I am not good at dribbling and might commit double dribble so don’t pass me the ball when in case I am your team mate in a basketball match, I just position and shoot, yup no drive because I am not good at dribbling.

Anyways after the long day we went to Chowking(I don’t know if it was the very first Chowking in Dagupan City and I even don’t know where it is now). I remembered my sister ordering a soup like meal with this dumpling on it.
It was the very first time I remember eating at a fast food in a late afternoon. Chowking it is, but after all Chowking is part of Jollibee I am no different from my generation after all.

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