Missing Christmas

One more day and it is officially December.

Every you go now has the Christmas theme. Malls decorated with green and red, the very colors of Christmas. Christmas jingles blasting from speakers in every corner. The most coveted stuff or gadgets going on sale just in time for Christmas.

The Christmas Spirit

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Yes it feels like Christmas but all these are just the Christmas theme, never the Christmas spirit.

I remember the younger days when our older siblings asked us younger ones to hang plastic bags by our bedroom doors so that Santa could drop our presents(instead of socks they used plastic bags). That itself was just a Christmas theme but the Christmas spirit i felt was that joy and excitement we the younger ones have and the sense of happiness in the eyes of or older siblings as they see their younger siblings laugh and smile with the presents we get in our plastic bags.

Yes we still see that in this generation but it is starting to fade away. The essence of “it is the thought that counts” is deteriorating. It is sad to hear in the early Christmas morning a complaining kid not getting the latest gadget he or she has been dreaming of or an co-worker grumbling because she or he got a cheap gift when he has spent more for his gift in the office gift-giving thing.

I am sorry if i sounded lame or so negative. Probably because for so many years working here and abroad I missed lots of Christmas spirit. Now that I am back in the Philippines and still looking for job and with all the not so good things around and happening around me, I don’t feel the Christmas I once knew.

I might sing along Christmas jingles but recently it is just a song for me. I don’t even know if I’m still buying gifts because I don’t know the value in it anymore and I might end just like the rest of the Christmases.

I long for the true Christmas spirit. I miss it.


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