Me and Jaja: Kulto Members

Don’t get me wrong…  but I guess if you consider X-Files as a TV cult then count me and my sister Jaja, The Pharmacist, as member of the cult.

I remember the late Friday nights we would spend just watching the latest episode of X-files in the old TV channel RPN 9. I think the series was run in the 8:00 – 9:00 pm time slot before the late night English news. It was so nice specially when you are following it. Our heads are glued to the TV specially when agent Mulder braves the situation chasing after this alien or unknown thing and agent Scully would still think that such is impossible until she is convince that it is real and then again fall into the thinking that they are being misled by someone.

The plot of the series before was that each episode is its own individual story just like the man who kills to get a person’s liver every 5 years and will go into hibernation once he gets enough. Or the vampire cult which they have proven a hoax but misled lots of its followers and causing panic in the area because they really drink blood, even bite people to drink blood.

Watching X-files started my fascination with the occult. I developed this liking to this kind of genre thus I watch sci-fi, horror, mystery, and ancient folklore movies. After that other series about the occult, sci-fi, mystery came out. 

Yup that’s the thing…. aliens walk among us!


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