Maundy Thursday on a busy place on regular days

It was very solemn if I would be ask to described the situation.



It so happens that Philippines unlike the rest of the business world observes the Lenten religious days(and yes years back the whole week literally means holy week). But since I just joined the new company whose clients and operation requires people to be there when an overseas call or request is needed, I have to be at work on such fine day.

 The very first worry I had was how will I come to work. Of course there will be some public transports in the major roads but my UV Express service just told me the other day they won’t be servicing commuters on the two holidays. So I checked to see what are the possible routes that I could take to go from point A to point B. I had all in my head but I got the wrong jeep and good thing there were other jeeps at the drop point for me to take me to the right place and took bus to Ayala Avenue. And the ride was bliss. The only choke point I remember is at the Buendia/Gil Puyat stop due to the number of passengers catching up with the provincial exodus.

I got to my destination but another problem came to my mind. Most shops are closed and where would I eat my breakfast and lunch? Good thing the Jollibee near my office was open. So I got my breakfast there went to work as usual and lunch time came. The only choice we got back then was Jollibee but we had this nearby Indian restaurant and luckily my two co-workers were dying to try it out. Unluckily one of my co-worker made a boboo when he insisted on an extra-spicy order and he never finished his meal. So to soothe his tongue and stomach we got ice cream in MiniStop and had this small chitchat just outside the store.

And there it was. The moment was just so right. Normally people are walking here and there in our street with the noisy horns of vehicles in the background but it was so peaceful. It was an enjoyable after lunch chitchat just outside.

Then we have to go back to work if there are more emails and inquiries but it was just a waiting time and soon it was time to go home. While walking towards the main road it was so nice to hear birds chirping in a very peaceful noisy on a normal day place.

It is indeed a Maundy Thursday.

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