Looking At Someone’s Angle

Looking at things in a different angle will give you a fresh or at times an awakening on the matters that surround you.

I remember back before our graduation in the minor seminary at Mary Help of Christians High School/Minor Seminary we have a class retreat in Baguio City. We are just 23 graduates and it would be easy for us to have a retreat. Our retreat master one day ask us to take places. One group is opposite the other group and another tot eh left and to the right. He went to the middle and using a chalk wrote something in the middle. He then ask the first group what they see and the answer was “M”. Turning to the opposite and the answer was “W’. The group in the right sees the number 3 and the one n the left sees an “E”.

Looking at in different anglesMost of the time we humans are like that. We insists what we see. We see an “M” but the others see “W” or 3 or and “E”. The point of the exercise was not just to tell what you see but also to see things in a different angle before making a decision or judgement. At times we are just in the wrong position, situation, or timing that is why we often fail in life.

It does not necessarily mean also to give up because it is not what others see. People are often like this. When their position or beliefs are judged they retaliate by judging back. Pointing one bad thing in the opposite’s stand and siting a good point which is a complete opposite of the other. Some would easily give in to what other people say letting their very idea be carried away by the current. It is equally important to have a stand on what you believe in or else you’re existence in this world will be just mere dot a white paper.

So what angle should you be taking?

People have a hard time leaving their comfort zone and thus they end up lockup and they get left out in the world’s changing faces. Therefore one must not just standstill  but rather give one’s self to have a grasp of what the opposite is saying. What you are syaing might be good or the best but such perfect things does not exist in this world unless all aggrees that it is indeed perfect. We will always have a different look at the same object base on what angle we are looking at. Thus in order for you to understand you got to step out of that angle and see it in the angle that others see it.

When you have done so then you can make a better judgement. Letting one’s self to level with someone else understanding or perspective is the hardest. A parent would not understand a child unless one lowers his level of understanding to that of a child. A leader at times must put himself or herself in the shoes of his or her subordinates to really understand how they feel. You may have a brilliant idea but not all your idea fits others.

Until you see what others see you won’t be able to make the right things. Looking at someone’s angle might enlighten you, so don’t be a nutshell. You got to widen your perspective to really understand.

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