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The problem with most people, including me, is they have a hard time starting.

Having problems sleeping

source: http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

When I was young, yes this is the best way to start a conversation, everything was so easy. I think because when we were young we really don’t much about what should we be doing for the day or probably the very first thing that comes to mind for us is to play. But as we grow older and start to realize our responsibilities as a parent, an employee, business owner, or whatever is your craft in this world  that pressure of doing all you can stops us from really doing the very first step, that is to start.

I started blogging now in WordPress and I was hoping that this would really catapult my blogging and of course my passive income form blogging. And yet for the past months I nearly posted much. It takes me nearly forever to at least open my OmmWriter or Writemonkey  to jot down sentences or ideas of what to post next. With that my newly created hosted WordPress blogs are stagnant and not really making bucks as planned.

It’s easy to blame that I am busy at work or there are just so many things that my mind is into. Also lately my insomnia really kick in. I am looking at only having 4-5 hours of sleep everyday(I wonder where do I get the awake mode that I am at work). I wish I could convert those sleepless nights into blogging but nothing really comes to my mind. I wanted to sleep and yet even if I close my eyes my mind is like a howling storm.

So how should I address this problem?

I hope you guys can share an idea or two on how should I combat this things: my incapability to start and my insomnia. Share your ideas please.

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