I’m back! And got some exciting stuff to tell you.

It has been long since I posted in this blog.

Been busy with so many projects lately. One is my ever-changing photography blog http://delosangelesphotography.com. I updated to a new theme, Lensa theme, that gives that nice feel and look. Also I discovered how to hide a certain page and only make it available to persons with username and password thus enabling me to post proof for my future clients. Also I have been working on how to directly sell my images in my website but I have to discover a way that will prevent people from copying my images though I have always put my ever visible watermarks in my images.

Besides those updates to my photo blog, I have also upgraded my gear with the Canon 85mm f1.8 lens. I am still in the process of fully understanding this lens with its fast focus. Also since it is an 85mm, I got to get use to not getting what I see. I need to relearn or should I say learn more about framing and composition in my photography.

Besides my photography, I am also been working closely with my fiancée and some friends for an event this coming August 17. We have gathered top resource speakers for the upcoming stock market and personal finance seminar called “OVERHAUL! The Stock Market Strategy 2013.” This seminar aims to answer some of the questions of investors and traders, specially those who recently jump in the  Philippine Stock Market’s bull run and suffered in its sudden halt, who wanted to further be better or who wanted to clarify some things that they might have a wrong understanding about.

OVERHAUL! The Stock Market Strategy 2013 is now on a super early bird rate until this Friday, July 19, 2013, of Php 1,499.00 per person. Don’t miss this great financial education that will help you better with the remaining months of 2013.

Stock Market seminar on August 17, 2013 Friday

Again don’t miss this chance, get a seat at the upcoming OVERHAUL!The Stock Market Strategy 2013 at the super early bird rate of only Php 1,499.00. Last day of this discounted offer is this Friday July 19.


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