I Am Engaged

My college friend, Joy Abayon, commented to my fiancee’s engagement ring photo saying it is about time for me.

Yup it is time.

Most of my elementary, high school seminary(for those who are called to be husband and good dad), and college friends are already married with one or more kids. But for me I just started the journey.

It all started in a forum about stock investing. I have been in hibernation after failing in my first relationship. This particular girl is more on technical analysis which is opposite me, that is fundamental analysis since I am a CPA. The exchanges in the forum brought us more together. We started making private chats and eventually got attached.

I was not a believer of LDR(Long distance relationship) which she taught was a stock code. Also I have this rule not to date or court younger ladies because it creates this “brother” role which I don’t like because it makes me feel I shouldn’t pursue it. 

We were to part ways after all that but my other me just can’t let go of her. I like her and I wanted more. She likes me and I was stupid enough not to admit it to her that I like her. We went to pains but after much thinking finally my other self told me “if you like her then pursue her” of which I did.

After chatting, messaging, texting, several phone calls, and time to time visit on my vacations to the Philippines I propose to her last May 18, 2012 at early morning after arriving from my flight in our house in Pangasinan. She knew that I would propose to her this year but I told her that I would make it a surprise. I was suppose to propose to her in the beach in my hometown Binmaley but unfortunately I don’t that perfect moment thing so that morning was the perfect moment.
And she said yes.
I have always told her and as I quote back in the forum:

To the lady that is suppose to be my wifeI know you are just there.

I don’t know when will we realize that you are for me and I am for you. I hope to meet you sooner. I know that you now that a man like me does not need a woman to live a life, but I believe that it is sweeter to live my life with someone that I love and is willing to love me.

Guess I will see you soon. In case by chance we meet along the way please grab my hand and bring me with you and we will make our lives happy and fulfilling. I may not promise something for now but I want you to trust me that I can and be able to be your good, faithful, and responsible husband when we get there.

From me who is suppose to be your husband smile

 Mommy Krissy I love you and together we will face the challenges of life. Together we will go to that place where we will live a happy and fulfilling life. 

The journey maybe at times rough but as long as we are together and with God’s guidance nothing is impossible.

I will be your husband and you will be my wife. Let’s hold hands and enjoy the journey called life.

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