How to live better in a toxic world

At times it seems that life is such a drag that you wish you have a better life.

Yes people are bombarded with problems at work, at the home, in social circles, and even within one’s self.Such environment will make you feel tired, stress, depress, and at times give up on life. The face is this is reality, and we have to face reality.

Two lesson I learn avoid living in a toxic world are “whatever you are experiencing now is your choice” and “you have the decision to choose what to do and how to deal with it.”

People complain of their situation but in reality at the beginning they have chosen such unfortunate event or status.It is easier to put a blame than to recognize and accept that because of wrong decisions we end up in a pit; helpless and powerless.

Unless you accept your situation and keep on complaining you are not going anywhere. If you have fallen into such pit and still mumble instead of starting to climb up, you are going nowhere. Yes its hard to accept that you made a mistake but it is harder if you wont make actions to avert further the damaging effects of your pride. That is why you got to dust off the dirt and try again. Don’t you ever give up.

When you have fallen into such pit and able to rise up from it you should now be a bit wiser. You must now be able to make the right choice when you face one such situation. You already know that over thinking of the problem will just cause you stress thus the next you face the same problem just smile and say “This too will pass!”

You got to choose a better path and not committing the same mistake otherwise you are just going in circles.

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