Haiku and Notegraphy!

Friends from Ommwriter, yes that distraction free writing software, came up with a stylish way to share your articles or materials online by styling it using Notegraphy.

I got this email from theme and it is a free service. Just go to www.notegraphy.com and sign-up.  You are directed to your gallery upon logging in. If you have publish some works but if not yet you can go to make a note. After typing your masterpiece you get to style it before publishing it.

Also it gets even better when you can share it to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and to your note taking program, Evernote.

  Since it is such a nice service I started going back to one of my high school literature form called Haiku.

I consider Haiku is where the concept of SMS/Text and Twitter was derived. Haiku is a form of poetry where the poet gets to express himself in only 17 syllables. Also it has a usual 3 line/phrases layout of which it follows the 5-7-5 syllable style.


Haiku was originally used in Japan and later adopted by other languages. It simple conveys the daily observation especially that of nature. It simple presents  two ideas but connecting them making the two sensible.

Check out my Notegraphy at https://notegraphy.com/louis581.


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