From Here On

Life is truly tough.

As the years past it seems life has its surprises of which most of it we can’t handle.
a phot by Marck De La Cruz

Back in my younger years we never really worry what will happen tomorrow, all we cared is that we are able to have fun playing today. But things does change. Life has become more sophisticated with gadgets, technology, and all things that happen around the world. But besides that as one grows old we do lose that sense of just enjoying what we have today. We indeed have grown, shifting from just enjoying the day to worrying for tomorrow.

I will soon be 31. Yup I am that aged. I surpassed what they say the quarter life crisis but it seems that it does linger around. Thoughts of  how I am I gonna live the rest of my life still hangs right in front of me. Most of my batch are married and have kids. I am always tease why don’t I get married and have kids and will always reply back that I am working on.
Indeed I am working on it. I finally met a girl who would crazily love me. But for me she is the best. Hearing stories from my old buddies from the seminary who got kids themselves will always say its hard, enjoy your single hood, or don’t let yourself “Pa-sakal”(a mockery of the word “pakasal”).  I know I am ready for it at the same time, just like the people of my age, worried. It has been my goal to be retired from being an employee and be the boss of my own company at age 40. That is around 9 more years now and I don’t have yet a start up to nurture and build. I guess that is what I am worried about. You see I wanted to have more time for the family I will form with my fiancee, yup she the girl I am talking about and having a business so simple yet profitable would surely make me realize that dream.

I guess I have to make bold decisions form here on. I have to not rely on my peers, siblings, or anyone else to make the decision. From here on I should be responsible building my dreams so that I can see the smile and happiness in my fiancee’s eyes.

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