Former sports area

In a windy afternoon our conversation was directed to the former sports area in our barangay.

The old days were truly the happy days. In my youth we played traditional games instead of computer games. I don’t know about you but back in our time full moon nights are the best time to play. With all my younger siblings, cousins, and neighbors we form teams and play “shatong“, hide and seek province version, or “entrance”. Yes when the moon shines bright we play “shatong“. We don’t need headlights for us to see where did the short stick went. Also such outdoor games keep us in shape unlike the young ones of today who are couch potatoes.

Besides our games I remember the areas where volleyball was played. The volleyball courts in those days were not cemented or with the expensive floors you see in the various collegiate games in TV. A flatten backyard with some small grasses would do. Just erect two bamboo to hold the net and it is already a volleyball court.

Those days were wild. When there is a team from another place challenging the local group the whole barangay watches. It is a home advantage as they say. Every spike, save, dig, and other spectacular movement will surely be match with a wild roar of the crowd.

Those were the days. There was no need of a cemented court or special place to have a spectacular show.

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