Finding enlightenment

When things seem so wrong and all things is like crashing into you how you wish you have all the answers in the world.

Questions why it turn out this way.

Self doubt sets in, questioning where have you gone wrong.

Loss of confidence, start of depression, and lost of interest in life sets in.

What could really change a man? After years of living it seems that all one did was to go around the bush hoping to see a better life but ends in the same place.

When one losses the fire, that drive, that feeling how can it be restored when all one remembers is the painful part.

At times you wish that this is all just  a bad dream but eventually wakes to the reality. Aren’t dreams suppose to be happy endings or even the tragedy rule your one and only place of solace.

Man seeks answers but ends to despair.

How can one find then enlightenment?

Positivity all drained how can one look forward for a brighter new day?

Or life will just be an endless question marks?


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