Fear is everywhere

I am writing not to alarm you but rather to make it clear that wherever you are in the world bad things happen.


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Lately the news that hit the local papers here in my place are more like the rest for the world. Incidents of robbery; break-in to a house;  cars being open, ransack, and at times taken; and lately rape of innocent women after their car opened and ask to drive to a secluded area. These stories have become the daily stories wherever you go but the worst happened in our apartment complex.

It was a normal and peaceful weekend. There was a gathering in the nearby neighborhood and it seems one of those ordinary late evening Saturday. The next when I was about to hear mass I hear my neighbor telling that his car and three more in the apartment complex were forcible opened and took valuables that were left inside their cars.

For the longest time I have never experienced such in my abode and now it seems no matter how peaceful the place bad elements will come. And such grows fear in us. The very first reaction that came to me is of course doubt and rejection knowing what kind of neighborhood I live in. But as I hear the story fear starts to creep in me.

I started to become paranoid thinking what if these same thieves will next enter our house, what if we left our doors unlock at night or even at broad daylight, or worse when I am inside and they entered would they kill me or not? Your mind makes so many scenario that will further heightened your fear.

But let us not let fear rob us of our lives.

We should take precautions to deter these robbers from stealing away from us our privacy and peace. We should not leave our vehicles and houses open. Locked and always make it a point to check if the doors are truly lock. Also we should not leave things inside cars or houses expose and ourselves which will invite such bad elements. And lastly live simple to avoid being watch for whatever valuables they can steal.

Dont be afraid, be proactive

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  We should be proactive in keeping ourselves and our households safe.

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