Embarking on a new blogging venture

I have been blogging since 2005 when I read an article about paid blogging in one of the leading broadsheets in the Philippines.

Back then blogging is such a new terminology, if you mentioned it to someone they would probably scratch their head. At first I just thought of it as a hobby and as an escape to the daily grind. Eventually I was intrigue about earning a living through a paid blog service.

For years I wrote things which are mostly personal until I stumbled on blog advertising of which the likes of Adsense rule. For nearly five years, yes It took me that long , I never had any much of a following and definitely earnings since traffic follows earnings. Until it all came to me, in order to earn in blogs or in writing one should write for its audience.

So I experimented using keywords that would attract people searching in the world wide web. After sleepless nights and about 20 Blogger blogs finally a few pageviews came. Frr the second time in a row I already claimed my 100 dollar level earnings. The first took about 3 years and the last was nearly a year.

With that I ventured to the new era of my blogging: hosted and with my own domain.

If you are reading this blog you are currently reading my personal hosted domain(of course I wanted to use my whole name before somebody gets it and sells it to me if I want to use it). Also I stepped it up further by blogging using the WordPress platform. For now it is kinda different but eventually blogging at WordPress will be second nature.

It all started in 2005; spending about 7 years of weekends spent writing instead of having fun; two rounds of 100 dollar Adsense earnings, and finally the ultimate to this hobby: blogging in a hosted domain. I hope you enjoy my blog and other blogs to come.

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