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After a long time I attended the Feast, a Catholic gathering by the members of the Light of Jesus Community  which invites all people of all walks of life with a mission to bring back to the Catholic faith those who have strayed. In simple terms bringing back to God the unchurch.

It started with a simple invite I posted in Facebook. I just came back to the Philippines and I was in Manila for an interview in my job application. Since it was Friday I decided to stay a little while in Manila in case some more possible employers would call me up for an interview. Since I was here I might as well attend the Feast. Some of my batch mates or as we call the oldies group in the Feast responded to my invite. Back then we were connected online to the online forum From there some who are already attending back then the sole Feast which was already in Valle Verde in Pasig invited us mere online members to attend the happiest place on earth. We were a big group back then. I believe the idea of CG(Care Group) started with us when we have what we call PP(Prayer Partner). One of the online members who were once seminarian introduced the idea and from there all members stay in touch by having two prayer partners whom they can keep in touch for the week for whatever emotional and spiritual needs which the partners can give.

But the story is about the frog so let me continue.

The topic of the Feast was about the 3rd part of the series Power Up.

Bro. Bo pointed out that to be empowered we need to act on our dreams. He likens us as the mobile/cellular phone. Once the phone drains out its power it needs to be recharge which we can get from the power outlet representing God, the source of all. Remember that to charge a mobile/cellular phone we need a charger to let the power from the outlet flow to the mobile phone. Same is true to us. Without our action to connect to God we cannot recharge.

So an important ingredient of being blessed or empowered is taking action. With that Bro. Bo shared with us the 5 steps to be successful (that is to get our blessings or strength from God) because as he said “action attracts abundance”.

The 5 steps to be successful are:
1. Make a mess
2.Be a fool
3. Eat the frog
4. Do your thing
5. Make a mess again

As you already know this post is about step no. 3: Eat the frog.

What does this mean?

The frog represents things that you abhor that block you from doing or taking an action. It could be something that you fear and thus you keep on postponing an action. It could also be a problem that prevents you from moving on.

As I was listening to this as if a lightning hit me. Because deep inside me there are so many frogs that prevents me from achieving my dream. Years back I said to myself that I will retire being an employee by 40. This has become my purpose that I started to share it with others and you know what most would always raise their eyebrow or even chuckle. The thing is they only hear “I will retire at 40” and forget the “employee”. I believe that by that age one must be capable enough to start on his own and be the boss of himself. Some would understand but they would ask how I would do it. I told them that I would fulfill my dream of having my own accounting firm, some small and manageable franchises, and a store that sells which could be a school supplies store, a coffee shop, or a combined computer parts and internet shop.

It was a dream years back. Then I got a chance to work overseas for 6 years. It so happens that there were things beyond me and thus after 2 contracts (for a total of about 6 years) I am back here in the Philippines. And here is my frog. Most people would ask why I came back. At times they say why didn’t I look for another employer or maybe got a green card. Yes if people only knew that those questions are actually painful to me especially more if I hear it from a family member or a love one. I made a choice and everybody thinks I was stupid to give away an opportunity.  But they don’t see my point. I am now 32 going 33 next year and that means I now got only about 7 years to start building my dreams. I came back here to start those dreams besides the things that are beyond me.

It is my frog because it makes me fear of failing because other people’s opinion now seems to matter more than what I should be taking action upon. I guess I can’t blame them. Most of us are like that, we have our own dreams which others can already achieve but they gave it up for something else.

And as with the preaching I heard the only way for me to surpass is to eat my frog or frogs.

Just like the story of the three construction worker I need to act towards the life that I wanted and deserved. If my life now is a mess it is something that I decided in the past. But it does not mean that stays that way, since I chose this life I too have the power to change it and no one else. I decided to come back here and I decided to give myself a few years to sharpen my skill in the dream that I wanted. It could be a job locally or overseas but this time I make sure that I use that time to learn and sharpen my skills so that I can start fulfilling my dreams little by little.

I should not be afraid now since I have eaten my frogs already, and that is the sharing of this post to you.

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  1. yeah, it’s a pain to explain to others why I quit my job so I just laugh 😛

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