I love this feeling.

I remember those moments where after a long day, I get a chance to recline in a rocking chair, in the sofa, bed, or hammock. Combined with a cool breeze my eyes start to close and the feeling builds up. As if you are in the dream state. Your eyes start to be cloudy and yet you hear and feel your surroundings. As the cool breeze lulls you to sleep, all you feel is that hush like sound in your ears and slowly you go to sleep.

baby, sleep, peaceful, drowsiness

At this as if I have been in the state for a long time and thus at times thought I am in the middle of a dream. I see people around me sitting beside me in the sofa or probably grab the hammock and start to swing it gently to drive me further to dreamland. At times I hear unintentional gossips when people start whispering thinking I am asleep. Or at times hearing out the deepest feelings of people as they whisper at me. Saying their dreams for me, their longing for me, their hopes for me, and their frustrations at me. AT times I do keep them deep in my memories hoping to remember them when I wake up but often times they just get buried with all the memories stored in my head.

After the slumber I either feel refresh or wanting more.

I guess I will miss those moments, I wait for them and wish for them to come. To escape the busy and complicated world and be in my dream land inside my head.


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