Today’s gospel was something very that you wouldn’t want to hear.

Listen to the Lord

We attended mass at the usual time at Sta. Barbara Parish here in Dededo, Guam and for the third straight time Fr. Patrick Garcia(yes that is his real name but in no way connected to the actor from the Philippines). As usual his message really penetrates not only one’s bones but also one’s heart.

The gospel today mentions that if your right hand causes you to sin cut it off a better be maimed entering heaven than having both but going to Gehenna(hell); if its your leg cut it off and better crippled; and if it is your eye pluck it. Imagine that harsh requirement. But what does it really mean?

Fr. Patrick Garcia did hit the point there when he said that in order to go to heaven if it really has to be that way then it is a yes, you have to cut it off. But as I said it is harsh but the gospel today talks of a different decision… it talks of deciding to detach things that really takes you away from what you should be doing.

Detaching from earthly things that lead you away from taking care of your children, from taking care of your health, or taking of what is important. As he said it is about decision of which he told two very enlightening stories.

Missionaries in China

There was a couple missionary in China and one day the government ordered them to leave China for good. And they were given a day to pack only two hundred pounds of their possessions. Since it is China of course beautiful wares are their prize possessions and so besides from their clothing they weighed in as much wares that would sum up to two hundred pounds. The next day the government officials were their to bring them to the airport making sure they don’t fled and go in hiding and once more ask if they have only packed two hundred pounds us instructed. They said yes and to their surprised the official asked them if they weighed their two children. And they were shocked.

  So to comply they weighed their kids and they were exactly two hundred pounds. Of all things important they have forgotten that their children are the most important they have.

Three brothers went to hunt

The second story was about three brothers who went hunting i the northern part of the island of Guam. So they went at early morning, set camp, and the two went to the woods to hunt. It was nearly evening when one of the brothers came back carrying a huge deer but the other was not in sight.

So the brother that stayed was wondering where is their other sibling. As the other brother drops the catch he said ” He fainted along the way while we were carrying this deer. I have to make a decision which one to carry and I decided to carry the our catch because nobody would steal our brother!”

Life indeed is all about  deciding which is important and those that are not and only burden you must be detached for you to grow.

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