XOXO and jejeje: Twitter and social networks

source: http://www.pims.org It has been sometime that the Internet age started creeping to our society. With great technologies being made […]

Sleeplessness: Me and me and me

source:http://www.edupics.com/ Many people have this sickness called insomnia sleep disorder. As of today I don’t see myself insomniac so to […]

Zeitgeist Movement: Is it the truth?

A friend of mine told me to watch this particular movie and its sequel. Was able to searched it in […]

Twitter trending topic about #thatsdisturbing

I have just joined the Twitter bandwagon and has become addicted to it. Another thing that makes Twitter the latest […]

May 10, 2010:Philippine National Election

(courtesy of mjgallego.wordpress.com/2010/02/) Today the Philippines is electing government officials from the highest to the municipal level. It has been […]

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