April Fools Day!!!

Happy April Fool’s Day! source: http://www.commentbuddy.com I always remember this day even though it is not customary in the Philippines […]

Me and Jaja: Kulto Members

source: http://inane-art.deviantart.com Don’t get me wrong…  but I guess if you consider X-Files as a TV cult then count me […]

The Story of Kabog :)

If you live in our small barangay you might wonder why we call our youngest, George, Kabog. Well here it […]

This is me the Blogger

Yup the blogger is the me 🙂 My photographer took this photo but the  background(which is the wall in our […]

Human nature of wanting more

(Picture courtesy of Single Mind) Lately I have joined the forum I used to comment and share with and this […]

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