By the window

Residential Area

Early morning I am waken up by my noisy business of the city.

Been here in Manila for a week now. After my interviews I find myself in the confines of my sister’s condo near the mall. Though the place seems lively, it’s boring for me. Without nothing to do but wait my belly starts to balloon due inactivity. At times I miss my afternoon biking time in our home in the province.

Things are really different here or probably I have been long gone in such environment. Living in the peaceful island of Guam where there are no traffic and noisy neighborhood makes you feel uneasy when you come back here in Manila. As they say Manila is a city that never sleeps.

Upon waking up around 6:00 am I can already hear the tricycles rushing in to pick up passengers. Students and employees start to travel to avoid the rush and traffic in the main road of Metro Manila. At the same time early joggers are doing their usual rounds around the mall. Others are carrying their goods so that they can get the best spot in the market.

Two construction sites are actively progressing in their work. Workers line up to start their day in order to bring food to their homes. Since the place is right beside the mall, delivery trucks come in early before the mall opens. One by one trucks go in the delivery area to unload all sorts of stuff seen in the mall.

As time goes I do some stretching and at times boil water for my early morning brew. Sipping my hot coffee I peek down below. The personnel of the condo also start their work. Making sure the area is clean, guards on their stations and making their rounds, desk personnel rushing to be on their post. Deliveries to the mall start to come around 9:00 am. Purified water business are in the gate carrying orders for the unit owners; laundry shop personnel collecting dirty clothes for laundry; at times restaurant delivery for the unit owners wanting to stay all day at home. From time to time courier people come for deliveries and mailman drops mails.

Before darkness

In awhile lunch time is just waiting. Since the mall is near we usually go down and eat out in the mall. After a few minutes we go around the mall to let time pass and soon enough we find ourselves tired thus we drag back ourselves to the condo. Lunch time usually is the liveliest time of the mall. Lots of people are coming in. The present day and urban culture place amidst the residential area is truly a great formula for profitable business.Convenience brings business to shops and of course to the mall.

Before the day ends those who left early are starting to be back. Just like the early scenario tricycles and walking people now flock the area. A little more and darkness starts to creep in. Seeing the skyline turning from the orange colored skies to the darkness with dots of lights is a sight to see which will become commonplace after seeing it a couple of times. At times there will be breathtaking views of clouds and sky but often it is the usually scene.


Color of lights

Night comes and I find myself in the same place I am for the longest time. TV will always be a good companion when life is just like this. But all this will change once I start working and I guess I will be one of the subjects a person by the window sees.    

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