Bus, Rainy days, Workaholic

Been here in the Philippines for almost a year and about almost months at my current work.

Lot’s of people and co-workers would ask me why I came back. And my answer will always be the same like a pre-recorded tape. The Philippines as they say is a country of corrupt people. With corruption so many public services are below par as compared to other countries. Like our public bus system.

Someone ask me how am I adjusting with Manila life. Well unlike before I need to compete with other passengers to get into a jam-packed bus. I purposely move to Makati to avoid the long commute and the bad experience in buses and other public transport. But there is what I call best time to ride the bus home. The best time is around 4:30 to 5:00. Yup a bit early to avoid the passenger buildup in Ayala Triangle.

It is even worse on rainy days. If you are caught in the rain better stay in your office or wherever there is shelter rather than braving the rain or on a very unfortunate day flood. Worst conditions in a bus on a rainy day is that you might get sick due to cold air conditioning of the bus plus wet clothes. Every time it rains I pray that God will let the rain just stop in order for commuters to go home in dry clothes.

 My co-workers see me as workaholic. Probably true but I beg to disagree. Working in the finance department needs lots of decision-making and analysis thus at times people think I’m angry or mad because my eyebrows are starting to connect or my hidden forehead lines start to manifest. And they would tell me to have a work-life balance but I tell them that I have and they would joke that I have a 70-30 ratio: 70% work and 30% more work.

But again being an accountant entails responsibility to be able to deliver a reliable report to the management to help them in their decision. That is the weight of the responsibility on each accountant of a company and I guess people around the office don’t see it thus can’t seem appreciate what we do.

But again we are just humans and yes we need rest. That is why from time to time at least I make sure that I don’t bring home work. Or probably not go to work on a typhoon so that I will not be tagged as immortal or the shinning star.

I have limits and I have weaknesses and am thankful that from time to time God reminds me that I am not a robot.

But again I don’t like when it rains when I’m homebound, I wont be able to enjoy a cornetto ice cream in the convenient store just below our place.

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