Be A Mother to the Motherless

Mother’s day this 2013 will be on May 12 or the second Sunday of May.

But generally May is the month for mothers. Motherhood is one of the hardest job in the world and thus a special day is set aside for these beautiful and very important person in our lives.

But even if it is so it is unfortunate that some mothers chose to abandon their duties by aborting, leaving behind, or the worst selling their own baby. Good thing the Light of Jesus community have this wonderful ministry to care for both mother and baby so that the role of a mother can be continued and appreciated and the life of a newly born child will be formed in accordance to God’s plan.

Grace To Be Born is LOJ’s ministry that helps unwed or rape victim pregnant women have a second thought before going to the other way. The ministry helps these women get through pregnancy and bring forth these God’s gift instead of aborting the new life within them.

Light of Jesus Grace to be Born ministry



My fiancee and group of friends are planning a visit to the Grace To Be Born Ministry this May. We have contacted the head of the ministry, Bro. Rey Ortega. They really need financial help to pay for utilities but donations in kind are accepted. In kind donations which are for babies like milk, diapers, and vitamins would be the most needed but you can call them up to give specific items that the ministry really needs.

If you or your group of friends are interested to visit you can contact Grace To Be Born at:

For financial donations you can make a deposit at:

  • Bank: Banco de Oro(BDO)
  • Account name: Grace to be Born, Inc.
  • Account number: 3970059687
  • Account type: Savings


Be a mother to the motherless this month of Mothers. And also be a mother to a mother in need of guidance.

To join my fiancee and our group of friends for their visit(tentative date is on May 26, Sunday) you can send a personal message to Krissy at

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