Back to scratch

The worst part of life is not the devastating end, it is actually the grueling start.

Life should not just end, it should also start


As of Oct 5 I am now back in the Philippines and hoping for a new job and life in either SG or Philippines. But before all this I faced so many struggles. I was not ready for the things I will faced back home, the realities that just came out of nowhere, and the failed expectations or I guess I have expectations that where just a dream in the first place.

Life is unfair that is a fact but it is only when you let it that be.

That is why endings are not the worst you and I has to face. Starting over takes courage and will power to let go and grab unto what life hands you. Fear always envelops you and reaching out for the doorknob to open a new door which should be an easy task is like a very hard one.

I guess I have to erase the past or put it aside or in a box so that I can focus  in order for me to go to the path I was destined to be. At times god might be cruel because He let’s us experience unbearable pains only to realize that it is necessary to be able to fully appreciate what He intended us to have.

Let pain be your starting point but never be the fuel or else you will live a life of regret.

So I have to dust of my feet and try life one more time but this time i hope to remember the lesson instead of the pain.

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